Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Urban Market Finds

You are probably wondering if you are reading the right blog? Well, you are! I am just getting ready for the holidays.

Here are my Urban Market Finds! I am very excited to show them to you. I have two urns, but I cannot show you both at the same time because the sunlight was reflecting off the picture over the fireplace and blinding me! Go figure...

Aren't they gorgeous?!?

This will make a great cooler. It even has a drain on the side. Can you see the side tray for bottlecaps or straws, whatever you can think of.

I can't wait to fill this scrolly basket for Christmas!

Well, there it is! Hope you like my purchases and the new Christmas Design for the blog!

If you missed The Urban Market, you might still be able to find a similar look to my great finds. Don't miss the next Urban Market! Be sure to check the sidebar for the coming events.

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