Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gift Wrapping Station

I, like a lot of you have been on an organizing kick this new year! This WAS my wrapping station....not very user friendly. I would have to take everything out of the box to find what I needed and it just got out of control because I never knew what I had, so I would just buy know....just in case!

Then I received my February Edition of Better Homes. Got to page 79 and knew this was definitely doable and would work for me!!

I tore out the page and drove off to the store.

This is what I came home with. An over-the-door storage unit (usually for pantries), 2 glass jars with lids and 4 open clear containers.

When I saw there were screws for this project....I was not excited to say the least, but the assembly was very easy.

Simple linking system...even a caveman can do it!

I am ready to get organized!! I first, sorted my wrapping supplies in piles....tags, stickers, scissors, ribbon, bags, and rolls. I purged everything I didn't want or use. This is what I was left with...

After the storage unit was loaded with all my goodies, it was a bit wobbly. I found some adhesive squares in the bag of screws and put them on the areas that were unsturdy.

 Worked like a charm!

What do you know......screws left over on purpose!!

This is my finished project. It felt so good to get organized and I enjoyed putting it together. If you try this project, I know you will enjoy it too!

Items purchased:

Over-the-door storage unit - Wal-Mart Housewares $17.00
Glass jars with lids - (need 3) Wal-Mart Housewares $3.00 ea.
Open clear containers -  (need 4) Wal-Mart Crafts $5.00 ea.
Heavy-duty rubber band - Office Depot $2.00 for a bag

Feeling when you are done.....priceless.


  1. Great idea! I so need to do this! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Oh, that feature in BH&G made my heart beat faster, too! Thanks for the inspiration to actually DO something about it!

  3. What a great idea! I love that everything is right there but just shut the door clutter!