Thursday, January 27, 2011

Organize Your Chaos

I am putting myself out there.......hoping that everyone has stuff like this laying around??? Hoping that we are not the only clutter bugs. My "stuff" looked worse before I tied the cords with twistie ties (a.k.a. bread ties and rubber bands).

I purchased this Scrapbook paper a while back. It was only $5.00 and you get 50 pages of different acid-free patterned paper. Since I have been on an organizational roll with much work ahead of me....I knew I had to do something with this stuff.

I got this great basket, only $8.00!! Where you ask?? Wal-Mart! They have had great stuff lately. I love the color and chunkiness of this basket.

My labels were 2x4 inches, so I measured out an extra inch on both sides to have plenty of space to cut and hole punch. I chose this pattern to match the colors in our home office.

I printed labels in my Word Program. If you do not have the Word Program for Microsoft, not to worry, you can use other label maker options or even hand write them with a permanent marker in nice penmanship. You can also get shape cutouts from the Hobby Store in the scrap booking isle.

I cut the ribbon and put it through the hole as you would a suitcase tag.

Gently pull ribbon through the hole. The best paper to use would be card stock but I say use what you have.

I centered my label on the basket and using a paper clip, I pushed the ribbon through the weave of the basket.

Tied the ribbon in a knot.

Cut off the excess ribbon.

 Now for the second basket. 

You are done! Looks fabulous! Nice and tidy! You can try this with different sizes and shapes in different areas, like game rooms, kids rooms, kitchen, laundry room etc. I would love to see what you come up with.

Don't have time for is another great idea...a chalkboard basket! Though, hard to find in a variety of sizes.

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  1. Guess who will be knocking on your door, Please help me make those basket tags:D Love them thanks again for everything!