Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Skip A Beat?

We finally got our Family Portrait back from being framed over the holidays. I just never got a moment to show you. It is hanging in our entry way and I am very pleased with the result. After I took down Christmas decorations, the house seemed so.....blah! So I just dove head first into Valentine's decorations. Why not?

This is what it looked like before I took down Christmas. This is my before and after attempt. It's lights out for the poor reindeer, literally. His lights went out and we tried everything to get them working again. He had a good run, though. He lasted for about 8 years or so. I love him so much that I am thinking of cutting out the lights and adding new ones. It may take a while but just might be worth it.

I love this glass bottle. I purchased it last year at Gift Junkie. It is a local Decor Store in Cypress, Texas.

You can't welcome guests without a candy dish!

Every home has to have a live plant or sea shells. It brings life to your home. 

I used a small heart wreath tilted on it's side, red, white and pink M&M's and Red Hots in my candy dish. I think Twizzlers would be a great addition too! All you need is a touch of, "Valentine red" here and there.

Thanks for stopping by!

Start filling your own candy dish!

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