Thursday, December 16, 2010

Have yourself a Merry Little Martini Station

There is nothing better than for your guests to pour their own drinks. It gives them something to do while you are greeting all of your newly arriving guests. Why not make it fun! Setup a specialty drink station. It is fun to learn to mix a new drink and they have a recipe to take home with them.

Be sure to print it in a good size font on the computer so after a cocktail or 2 they can still read it...if you know what I mean. Frame it in a nice picture frame for decoration and so it doesn't get wet and ruined.

A regular square stack of napkins is a bit boring. Twist them, fan them out, stack them around the station, whatever you like. Make it part of your decor.

Slice your fruit the morning of the party. Slice your lemons into wedges and put them in a baggy so the juice stays fresh. Get your fruit out right before the party and place them in nice dishes.

I bought this Organic Sparkling Pomegranate juice from Costco. I am a sucker for a pretty bottle. They come in a box of 6.

Be sure to have refill items stocked behind the station. You don't want anyone to think you have run out of cocktails. Party foul!

Be sure to have all the measuring cups etc. out too.

You are ready to host. Enjoy!

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