Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Table for the Kids

I thought of a fun idea for the kids while I was trying to sleep last night. I usually give out an ornament for each child to take home on Christmas Eve. This year I decided the center piece for the kids table would be a Christmas tree that they could decorate together.

The snowman ornament over the silverware is the ornament they will take home this year.

I love the napkin rings! They look like Christmas ball ornaments. I have had them since we owned our very first home.

I got these fun Styrofoam cups from The Nutcracker Market. Just so we are clear, they do say "Ho, Ho, Ho" all the way around the cup.

It's always fun to have Reindeer Names.

My son will probably want to be Blitzen because it sounds like a football thing. "Blitz"

You won't find Rudolph here, I think they would argue over who was going to be guiding the sleigh.

 What adorable name card holders!

I have regular dishes mixed in with the Styrofoam because I think regular dishes make for a better picture. I just had to show you my new cups though!

Here are the ornaments and garland we will use for the tree.

These are the ornaments I gave out to the kids last year! This is what is left over.

This is our garland.

I am going to start a new tradition this year. I am going to hide the small cross in the tree for the kids to find. After all, he is the reason for the season.

After the kids eat they can decorate the tree. It always takes the adults longer to graze, I mean eat dinner.

This is going to be lots of fun for the kids and they will have a souvenir to take home. Enjoy!

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  1. I'm so glad that I had a few minutes to check out new tablescapes. This one is so full of great ideas. I love the idea of giving the ornament, and I really love the idea of letting them decorate a little tree centerpiece. FANTASTIC.

    I also love the hidden cross. That is just perfect and a wonderful tradition to start.

  2. Suzette
    What a wonderful Children's table and what a great tradition with the take-home ornaments. You are right, providing the tree decorating activity will keep the children busy and allow the adults to visit. I do like those cups!

  3. I am sure the kids will love it, it is adorable. One year I gave each kid in my class a tree like that, and we had a decoration contest. Lots of fun and creativity!

  4. What memories you are creating! Lucky, lucky kids to have you spending your time and creativity with them. Such a great table for them.

  5. The kids will love this festive table!

  6. I love your kids table. It is so cute. I did a kid's table last Easter, they are such fun. And, you know kids will appreciate it. :)

  7. Your hidden cross ornament made me remember a neat tradition. A friend gave me a Radko ornament that looks like a pickle. Each year she said that we are supposed to hide the pickle ornament on the tree, and whoever finds it first get a $20.00 reward. Makes for a very spirited game. She said that she had to get up really early Christmas morning to hide it because if she hid it earlier, her daughter-in-law always already had it scoped out and scored the reward every year. LOL. Your kids table is precious. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay