Friday, April 1, 2011

Round Top Antique Weekend

Let me start by saying that Round Top Antique Weekend is a huge deal for Cypress, Texas and surrounding areas!!! Thousands of Vendors/Dealers from across the country gather in the middle of Round Top, Texas for some of the best shopping around. It's not all about antiques, crafts and art. It's about the experience.

First stop....Marburger Farms. In my opinion, this is one of the best shopping areas in all of Round Top.

Next stop, over by Zapp Hall is Singleton's and Junk Gypsy, among other vendors.

Every year, Junk Gypsy throws a Prom one night before the ending of Antique Weekend. Yes, I said, "Prom". Really it is a huge party. If you need a reason to get dressed up in dresses and cowboy boots, you found it!

This is a stop we make every trip to Round Top. Anna Bugardi's shop. She has the best grain sacks, for the best prices in a variety of colors.

This is a great idea, Valerie and I are going to take this idea and run with it!

What a beautiful drive, passing all the blue bonnets on the way to and from Round Top.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for the next post, star sighting at Marburger!!!

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