Monday, April 11, 2011

Sedum Week

They are known by several names.....sedums, cactus, succulents etc. The best name is hardy!! Sedums work great for me. For one thing, I live in the south, where we have scorching hot summers. Two, I am really bad about remembering to water. Three, they are super hardy. Just remember one thing and that is to take them inside in the cold winters.

These are my pitch pots. I purchased these at Marburger in Round Top.

I had some moss left over from another arrangement so I am going to use that too. I think moss is great if you are going to be putting your pots inside.

This is what I used to plant my sedums...and a watering can.

I made a hole in the center, deep enough for the sedum to sit in.

I Spread the roots out a little.

I added more soil on top and watered.

Take your moss and spread around the sedum.

Sedums do need lots of light, whether you are indoors or out. So find a happy home for them in your happy home and enjoy!

Over the next few days I will be showing lots of different kinds of sedums. They come in all shapes and colors and some even flower! I hope you can get lots of planting ideas for these magnificent, hardy plants! Thanks for stopping by!

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