Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arbor Gate

Don't let The Arbor Gate fool you, the first building you see may be small and definitely quaint, but there is so much to see here.

The very first thing I have to mention is the customer service. Not every nursery is as knowledgeable as The Arbor Gate or as friendly.

They have every size, shape and color of pottery here. You don't know how to care for your plants or want to learn how to grow herbs? No problem. They offer classes too. 

What a great setup for a snapshot.

You are probably trying to guess what this particular piece is....give up? It is a candelabra made of iron. You place a big candle in the middle. Gorgeous.  

More pottery and rows and rows of gorgeous, well cared for plants, flowers and herbs. I hope you are getting in the mood for planting some fall foliage......I just like saying foliage. That is a fun word..

This cute little building is Arbor Gate too...

The Arbor Gate Too, had the best and the most Halloween decorations I have seen so far this year. Now that's an entrance!

There are so many beautiful things everywhere, I was afraid that I might miss something....I guess that means I have to go back, just in case I did. 

Ok, this was my favorite part, something I had never seen before. A Fall Christmas Tree. If you click on the picture to enlarge you can see that the tree topper is a cornucopia. What a creative idea!

This tree had an adorable witch hat for the topper and the witch's arms and legs sticking out of the tree.

The arms and legs are made of wood. SO cute.

I think I am going to name this room the Jan Barboglio room.

Jan Barboglio creates decorative iron accessories embellished with glass or wooden accents.

More Jan Barboglio. These accessories are very popular in Cypress. 

This table is decorated with an article about Texas BBQ. Hmmmm, just the word Texas BBQ makes my mouth water.

Someone is getting ready for Christmas. I cant wait!!

Almost forgot, The Arbor Gate is located on FM 2920 right up Cypress Rosehill.

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