Friday, October 15, 2010

A Halloween Trick or Treat?

 Dead Mans Float

Happy Friday Everyone!! I thought you might enjoy trying a new twist on the coke float. My son, Nicholas and I scared up this treat together. We decided to have a late night snack and ended up having so much fun creating this Halloween treat.

It's important that you use the very best ice cream....That's right, Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla! If you don't have Blue Bell Ice Cream in your area.......then we need to have a moment of silence for you. Just kidding!!! Any ice cream will work. You are going to soak it in so much oooey gooeyness it will not matter.

It's fun to use a glass with flare, but no matter which glass you use, be sure it is a tall one. It looks best with a clear glass so that you can see all the yummy goodness in it. We used 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. We had to push it gently down into this glass, that's why it does not look very attractive in this picture.

Next, we poured coke in the glass almost to the top, making sure to leave room for our toppings. You can use diet or regular coke.  Ahhh, now it's looking pretty.

These are the condiments we used for our "Dead Mans Float". You can also use chocolate sprinkles to make it look like his eyes are popping out of the dirt. We used green sprinkles for grass. We sprayed our whipped topping on top of the ice cream & coke. Use as much as you like. Then we squeezed some chocolate syrup on top of the whipped cream. Next, the strawberry syrup.

I think the chocolate and the strawberry syrup looks cool, the way it runs down the ice cream. It looks like blood and dirt!! Fabulous!! Last, we put the green sprinkles on and added the eyeballs...

I forgot to take a picture of the eyeballs. They are called "bouncy eyeball mania eyeballs". We purchased them at Target. They come in a bag of 30 and are in the Halloween section. They cost $4.00 per bag. We will keep a few sets and put the rest in the candy bucket for Halloween.



  1. Sooooooooo cute. I love that it was last minute and that Nicholas helped. This would be so great served for a party but those "alone times" with our children are the best. You are right, Blue Belle ice cream is the best by far. Love, love, loved this.

  2. I love your new Blog. Can't wait to go to Arbor's Gate! Lots of Love