Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not your Momma's Chicken Salad

Now THAT is a sandwich!!

If someone can write a book about green eggs and ham, I think I can write a book about chicken salad.....what do you think?? I can eat it any season, holiday, morning, noon or night...that's a good start right? (I'm already rhyming!!! :) The book is meant to be...

Anyway, if you are like me and you just love chicken salad, then you will love this recipe. You have to like salty not sweet for this chicken salad. You will not find any grapes or walnuts in this one. I used a leftover rotisserie chicken for this salad. You can use canned chicken or boil chicken breast, really whatever you have.

Just giving you a peep show of what you need for your chicken salad. I don't know why, but I think this is a pretty picture.

While you will be slicing and dicing, go ahead and boil your eggs. There really isn't a set recipe. I put as much of anything as I like. If you want to add another egg, by all means, go ahead.
(I am a natural Dr. Seuss; I wonder if this is how he got his start?)

A little red onion goes a long way. I used 1/4 of an onion here. Dice it up as fine as you like. I like mine chopped pretty fine.

Rinse, pat dry and chop one celery stalk. Be sure to cut off the tips of both ends before you start chopping.

Okay, I have to explain my background of this picture. It looks blurry because I am using a plastic cutting board...where were I used probably a cup of pickles, but I love pickles! 

Cool, peel and chop your hard-boiled eggs.

After you chop all of your goodies, put them in the bowl with your chicken.

Add your salt and pepper. Now you are going to add the Mayonnaise. As you can see, I like my chicken salad creamy. I used about a cup of real mayo. You can use more or less. Depending on how creamy you like your salad.

If heaven was in a bowl, I am sure this is what it would look like. Yum-e.

I love to add avocado, tomatoes and lettuce to my chicken salad sandwich, sometimes even extra pickles.

 What is that, you say??

It's a piece of jalapeno Muenster cheese peeking out.

Add a little kettle potato chips and maybe a glass of ice tea and it's on!! I'm sorry; food makes me a little excited. Ask around, my friends will tell you!

I also used multi-grain rounds and toasted my bread. I think toasting your bread holds your whopper, I mean sandwich together better. This will taste good on any bread, even on crackers for an appetizing dip.


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  1. Your chicken salad looks great can't wait to try it. Thanks for the step by step pictures it makes it alot easier to follow the recipe.

  2. Looks YUMMY!!! I cannot wait for your pimiento cheese recipe!!!