Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beef and Porter Stew

Recipe by Chef Michael Lomonaco, Porter House New York

Chef Michael Lomonaco was on The Today Show about a year ago and made this stew for the Cast and Crew. The Stew looked so delicious on the show, that I had to try it. Just click on the link for the full recipe and directions.

This recipe calls for vegetable oil, I would normally use olive oil. I think it gives a better flavor and is better for you.

Put the oil and butter in a large, heavy-bottomed pot and heat it over medium-high heat.

Season the beef with salt and pepper. Add the beef to the pot in a single, not-too-tightly-packed layer and brown the beef well on all sides, approximately 8 minutes total.

Transfer the beef to a plate and set aside. This may be done in batches to brown all the beef evenly.

Add the onion and butter to the pot/casserole and cook until golden and caramelized, approximately 15 minutes.

Sprinkle the onions with the flour and stir to combine well.

Return the beef to the pot/casserole, add the porter ale, (I could only find Shiner Bock. I knew it would be good, it's made in Texas) beef broth, tomato paste diluted in 1 cup warm water, and bring to a boil.

Lower the heat, cover and simmer 1 1/4 hours.

While the pot is simmering, chop your carrots, celery, parsnips and potatoes. I could not find parsnip so I skipped that step and the stew was still delicious.

Add the carrots, parsnips, celery and potatoes. Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper. Return to a boil then simmer for 45 minutes.

Serve with toasted or grilled country bread or rolls.


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  1. Thanks for the great recipe I am so hungry can't wait to try. Keep the recipes coming!