Monday, November 22, 2010

A Day out to the Junior League Christmas Market and More

Twas the night before the Market and all through the house not a creature was snoring, not even my spouse.....needless to say, I was very excited....and couldn't sleep.

My mother-in-law, Linda and I arrived at the Marriott Hotel in the Woodlands, where the Junior League Market was being held. They had vendors in the halls before you entered through the main doors.

No Christmas Market is complete without a Round Top Booth.

Look who it is!!! The Bake Shoppe! From our very own neck of the woods!! Home of the homemade, bigger than you can ever imagine, chocolate ding dong with cream filling. Naturally, I had to sample one. Mmmmm, just like I remembered it.

Can you hear the church choir singing too?? It's like the heavens parted and dropped down this gift.......just for me. I hope Santa brings me one this year. Consuela Bags.

This is a booth with floral arrangements at really good prices. The line was so long, you would have thought they were giving them away.

I took a picture of these tubes because they are filled with dice. On each of the dice is an L, R and C. It is a dice game. Just like you have Bunco groups. It is our dice groups game of choice.

This Market was not nearly as big as The Nutcracker Market but the prices were much better. However, it was very crowded and the booths were much smaller.

There were lots of clothing booths, shoes and coats.

They had jewelry, food items, Pewter dishes, Mark Roberts fairies and elves and more.

So, I met my friend Monica at the Market as well. There was a big crowd at this booth where they were selling Mark Roberts Elves and fairies in all shapes and sizes. Monica and I squeezed through the crowd because they were selling them at such good prices!!! I had to give him a good home.

Meet my new fairy. He is The Fairy of the Forest.

You can have your very own Mark Roberts fairy too!

The down side, was The market was significantly smaller than we anticipated. The upside, was it was less expensive all the way around.  However, it did give us time to go over to Market Street in the Woodlands for lunch and a look around.

Welcome to Market Street!

 Linda and I ate lunch at Jasper's. It is beautiful inside and out. The food is fabulous and great customer service. Highly recommended.

The most beautiful Charming Charlies I have seen so far.

Great bracelets!!

After working off our lunch at Charming Charlies we stopped in at The Cupcakery.

Too much deliciousness to choose from!!!!

 So much to choose from, so little room in our stomachs. We caved to the pressure and ended up taking home cake balls...I guess we couldn't handle the pressure of choosing. Why we didn't have a cupcake, I still don't know....well, there is always next time.

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