Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Load to Carry

Here is a great tote bag. A little plain but we can fix that.

These Avery Transfers are addicting! My friend Valerie and I have already done iron-on transfers on flour sack towels, I am going to do a shirt and now the tote!

Make sure to tell everyone in your house not to stand still for too long.....or they will get their clothes revamped where they stand!

Before printing your image make sure to go to print preferences in word and click on mirror image or your words/pictures will come out backwards....believe me....I know! 

I decided to bling my bag out just a bit. So I added 1 crystal to the center of the flower. I have used them before so I hot glued it on instead of ironing. Ironing on crystals does not always stay on very long.

pretty flower...

fabulous flower!

Next you will need a light pillow case or sheet to iron on.

Place your picture face down onto the fabric.

Cover with pillow case or sheet.

Iron on high heat no steam. (directions inside the transfers package give you exact directions and times)

Let stand for about 3 minutes and peel off transfer. I added my flower pin.

I added a little bling to the bag.

This transfer is a vintage french chocolate ad.

What a great gift for yourself or for someone you love! You can use it when you are traveling, grocery store runs, or shopping at Round Top and Urban Market! You can also put cupid or other holiday images on it and it would make a great teachers gift! Something to think about.

I would like to thank graphics fairy for some incredibly awesome graphics and ideas. I would also like to thank greenacresbrenham for the inspiration and information on iron-on transfers.


Tote bag - Hobby Lobby
Iron-on Transfers - Wal-Mart (6 transfers come in a package)
Fabric flower - Hobby Lobby 
Crystals - Hobby Lobby (for a bag of crystals) 


  1. So cute! I tried to do some iron-ons for my daughter but they didn't turn out nearly as well as yours! Thanks for linking up to Gettin' Krafty With It!

  2. I just stumbled upon you. Glad you were inspired. I just made napkins for a friends birthday using the transfers. They are so easy and fun.